Patent-pending technology emits near-infrared light directly towards the forest, keeping animals away from the road.

An integrated GPS speedometer ensures optimal power control.
Waterproof and resilient design withstands all weather conditions and driving regimens.

How it works

Mount the Waldpass emitters on the included license plate holder and fasten the holder to the appropriate space in the front or the back of your car.

Waldpass emits infrared light sideways, directly towards the forest.


Get Waldpass, unique smart wildlife deterrent, and decrease the road-kill rates in your area.

Drive carefully, care for the wildlife.


  • Increase driving safety on forest roads
  • Protect the lives of endangered wildlife species in your area
  • Reduce the effect the traffic has on natural ecosystems
  • Use the technology that seamlessly blends with your driving experience
  • Connect with other caring drivers in your area and learn more about local wildlife
  • 2 year Warranty

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Whats in the box
Tech specs
Dimmensions (H x W x D) and weight Ambient requirements Power
Emitter 63 mm x 107 mm x 15 mm
Operating ambient temperature:
-33° C to 65° C
At 12 V supply, 40 mA (stand by)
At 12 V supply, 1200 mA (emitting)
Controller 76 mm x 35 mm x 20 mm
77 g
Storage temperature:
-40° C to 85° C
Continuous power, 15 W
GPS Receiver 42 mm x 50 mm x 13 mm
55 g
Relative humidity:
0% to 100%
License plate holder 526 mm x 142 mm x 24 mm
311 g
Manual (PDF 3MB)
How does Waldpass work?
Waldpass protects deer and their young by preventing accidents and increasing forest traffic safety by emitting infrared red-light sideways through special IR transparent lenses on the edges of the license plate holder. As the beams of Waldpass are pointed sideways the effect is achieved over time for that particular area by reducing the likelihood of wildlife starting their crossing while traffic is nearby at that location.
Do I see the effect of Waldpass immediately?
Deterring effect is achieved accumulatively for a particular stretch of road and not individually for lone particular vehicle.
How to increase the effect of Waldpass even more?
Waldpass has an increased effect as more drivers use it on a particular road as the beams of the Waldpass are directed sideways towards the forested area. For even greater deterring effect two separate systems can be used, one on front and one on back of the vehicle. In such a case install each system separately using this user/installation manual.
Where should I mount my Waldpass?
The Waldpass emitters should be mount on the included license plate holder and then fasten the holder to the appropriate space on the front (rear) of the car.
Do I need an internet or a computer to install and use my Waldpass product?
Not at all, Waldpass is a stand-alone product which after it has been properly installed to your car, by using the installation diagram, can be left alone.
What maintenance should be performed for Waldpass during use?
Cleaning with a regular automotive detergent and a carwash is recommended if the Waldpass has been properly installed.
How do I know if Waldpass is operating properly?
There is a Status LED indicator on the Waldpass controller. If the LED is lit permanently or dark (will not light or flash at all) most likely the power supply connection is lost or the controller has detected an operating malfunction. In such an unlikely case please contact your place of purchase or a service center.
WALDPASS guarantees warranty coverage for a period of 2 years.
The products purchased directly from WALDPASS through are automatically registered in our registered products database, but keep your original purchase invoice in case of a required service under warranty.

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