Invisible Light.
Visible Change.

Waldpass is a uniquely smart wildlife deterrent for communities of caring drivers.

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Why use Waldpass?

Impactful Technology

Waldpass is the first near-infrared wildlife deterrent. It’s a simple device you attach to your license plate. Waldpass emits infrared light to make sure the deer stay off the road.

Let’s make the roads safer together and reduce roadkill rates!

Human & Deer Friendly

Install and operate Waldpass using only your smartphone. No special tools or testing instruments required.

Waldpass is an electronic vehicle-mounted device which emits infrared red-light that is invisible to humans.

Driven Community

Join a community of caring drivers and keep the deer off the roads. The deterring effects get stronger the more drivers use Waldpass regularly in your area.

In the last fifteen years, the number of wildlife-vehicle collisions has dramatically increased, despite many new green bridges, wildlife tunnels, and protective fences constructed to protect the deer.

In Europe, 30.000 people have been injured in the collisions. Each year, 300 people die in these accidents.

The deer are the most active during their Fall breeding season but can be a road-safety hazard all year long. They like to roam at dawn and dusk.

The deer do unpredictable things - they may stop in the middle of the road, cross back and forth quickly, or move towards approaching vehicles. They sometimes travel in groups, so if you see one there might be more to come.

Waldpass is an electronic vehicle-mounted device which emits infrared red-light invisible to the human eye. Animals see this light and perceive it as a threat, so their behaviour and movement changes.

This phenomenon can significantly reduce the movement of animals toward an infrared light source of particular variable frequency.
By installing Waldpass, we are all taking steps to prevent potential collisions of drivers and wildlife.


Waldpass is an electronic device you install on your license plate. It emits infrared light sideways, on both sides of the road. While you can't see the light, the animals notice it very well and perceive it as a threat. When they see a threatening light a few times, their behaviour changes, and they avoid crossing the road when there's traffic.

By installing Waldpass, we are all taking care of wildlife and road safety.

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Only a caring Waldpass community can make the roads safer for both the people and wildlife.