WALDPASS, Velika cesta 35, Buzin, 10010 City of Zagreb, OIB: 973805410015 (referred to as “Waldpass”) operates a strict privacy policy. We are committed to being transparent about the technologies we use, and we’ve outlined below how we use cookies when you visit our site

Insofar as the information collected using cookies constitutes personal data, the provisions of the Privacy Policy shall apply and supplement this Cookie Policy.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small snippet of text that a website asks your browser to store. By using cookies website remembers your actions and preferred settings (login, language, font size and other layout related settings) during a longer period. All cookies have expiration dates in them that determine how long they stay in your browser. Cookies can be removed in two ways: automatically, when they expire, or when you manually delete them. We’ve included more details below to help you understand what kinds of cookies we use.

Does Waldpass use cookies?

Yes, with the primary purpose to make our website work more effectively and to memorize various information in order to facilitate your navigation on a website, to ensure the smooth functioning of these or to make them more effective, for example by memorizing your language preferences.

What kinds of cookies does Waldpass use and why? uses different kinds of cookies for various reasons:

1) Session-id and / or persistent cookies limited to a few hours - we use them to store your preferences and settings on your device and to enhance your experience. For example, storing your personal preferences in cookies, which allows you to not have to set your preferences every time you visit the site;

2) Authentication cookies used for authentication services for the duration of the page visit - we use them to verify your authenticity. This cookie lets you navigate from page to page without having to log in again on each page;

3) User Security Cookies, which are used to detect authentication abuses of limited duration - we use them to process information that enables us to be secure and to identify fraud and misuse;

4) multimedia cookies, such as flash player cookies, for the duration of the page review;

5) Preference cookies (performance) – These cookies collect information about your choices and preferences and make your navigation more pleasant and personalized. These cookies make it possible to memorize the language chosen during your first visit to our Website in order to personalize it accordingly.

Aforementioned cookies are not used for purposes other than those described in this document.

What other cookies might you encounter on

Name Type and duration Description
  • Necessary/functional
  • Duration of the visit
  • First party cookie
Session cookies – these cookies are temporary and expire once you close your browser (or once your session ends)
  • Necessary/functional
  • 365 days
  • First party cookie
This cookie remembers the selected language of the page
  • Necessary/functional
  • 180 days
  • First party cookie
This cookie remembers your choice of cookies and allows us to keep track of when you gave your consent and which cookies you did not choose or for which you did not give us your consent
GDPR cookie
  • Necessary/functional
  • Collected for 370 days (1 year) 
saved when the user has accepted the GDPR

How can I configure, delete or disable cookies?

You can easily delete, disable or accept cookies from our Website at any time by configuring your browser settings.

Each browser (Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.) has its own cookie configuration mode. To learn about the procedure to follow concerning your navigator, visit the site:

To learn about the procedure to follow concerning your navigator, visit the site:

You can also visit:

Other questions?

If you have other questions please contact our DPO by sending an email to the following address:

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